Airworthiness Alert-Cessna 177 and 210

Now Offering Cessna 177 and 210 Eddy Current Wing Carry Thru Spar Inspection In reference to the Mandatory SEL Airworthiness Alert. Please Contact us if you want to discuss or Schedule a Inspection.

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King Air 2020-25-01 AD

New King Air AD *Be Aware* Please Contact us if you want to discuss or Schedule a Inspection.

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Airworthiness Alert 

Cessna 177 and 210 Eddy Current Carry Thru Spar Inspection

Aircraft Structural Inspections has performed the Airworthiness Alert - Mandatory SEL 57-06,  57-07,  57-08 Revision 1 (C210), and 57-09 (C177)  08 &09 are the most Current Revisions for the Cessna 177 & Cessna 210 Aircraft Wing Spar Carry Thru Eddy Current Inspection. This is an eddy current inspection scanning technique on the entire lower portion of the Wing Spar Carry Thru. The inspection calls for the inspection of entire Lower Spar for Cracks and Corrosion. Listed below  AD 2020-03-16 for the Cessna 210,  the SEL for the Cessna 177, 57-09 Current Revision and SEL  57-08 Rev 1 Dated Nov 19 2019 for the Cessna 210 and the related link for the report behind this Mandatory Service Letter. There are additional links listed below in regards to COVID-19 extension Sept 9, 2020 for AD compliance. Please read these important documents. If you have questions on this AD,  Mandatory SEL's or would like to discuss please give us a call. You can also contact us for scheduling and pricing with the information listed below.

NEW Update AD extension & AMOC Letter #NOTC0069 due to COVID-19, Click Here for more information.
NEW Information November 1st 2019

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Email: [email protected]                   Cessna 210 AD 2020-03-16
Mobile Phone #: (870)-270-6007        Alert - Cessna 177 (SEL-57-09 Rev 1 AUG 3rd 2020)
Office Phone #: (870)-269-3556           Australian Accident Report
Shop Phone #: 870-269-6007             Alert - Cessna 210 (SEL-57-08 Rev 2 AUG 3rd 2020)

SAIB (Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin) AIR-20-10