Airworthiness Alert-Cessna 177 and 210

Now Offering Cessna 177 and 210 Eddy Current Wing Carry Thru Spar Inspection In reference to the Mandatory SEL Airworthiness Alert. Please Contact us if you want to discuss or Schedule a Inspection.

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PA28 & PA32 Piper AD 2020-26-16

Now Offering Piper PA 28 & PA32 Eddy Current Spar Inspection In reference to the AD 2020-26-16. Please Contact us if you want to discuss or Schedule a Inspection.

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ASI Aircraft Structural Inspections

Ultrasonic Class NOW!

Class Dates are Level One Training Sept 17th-21st & Level Two Training Nov 14th-18th. Contact for more Information

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King Air 2020-25-01 AD

New King Air AD - In Effect January 11th! Please Contact us if you want to discuss or Schedule a Inspection.

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ASI NDT Inspections

Some of the aircraft that we work on include:

Airbus, Boeing, Beechcraft SIRM Wing Spar Inspections, Cessna Citation SID NDT Inspections, Diamond Jet, Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker, Lear, SyberJet, Thrush AMOC wing SPAR, FAA AD's (Airworthiness Directives) and SB's (Service Bulletins) NDT Inspections.

We provide support for Air Carrier 121 , and 135 Operations. as well as Boeing and Airbus OEM / MRO Repair Stations providing inspection work for carries such as American Airlines, AerSale, Barron Aviation, Delta, FedX,  Mountain Air Cargo, United, Vision Airlines, and Xtra Airlines.

ASI Inspections

Beechcraft NDT Certified

NAS 410 Level II and Level III inspectors, SIRM Wing Spar Authorized, airframe inspections and methods.

Cessna Authorized Independent NDI Facility

Inspections Services components include: Wing Spar, Landing Gear, Control Surfaces (Aileron, Flaps, Stabilizers, Horizontal and Vertical, & Slats) Fuselage ( skins, stringers, ribs, pressure bulkhead - chem mil inspections, disbond, delamination, surface & sub surface cracks, corrosion, 2nd layer crack detection), Windows coaming, & Doors.

Dassult Falcon Authorized NDT Inspectors

Special Falcon Inspections include: Embellisher RT - Falcon 20, Wheel Well ET - Falcon 20,Flap Rod UT - Falcon 20, Spot Welds - Falcon 20, Windshield Posts - Falcon 20/50, Tail Attach Fittings - Falcon 10/20/50/900/2000, Composites UT - Falcon 10/20/50/900/2000.

Current ASI Aircraft Coverage List

Air Tractor

Cessna Propeller
Cessna Citation

Dassault Falcon
Diamond Jet
Global Express

King Air

X-Ray Radiography Includes:

Hawker 125 Series
24 Month, 48 Month
16 Year and 24 Year

Falcon Series
Wing Root Re-enforcing Plate (Falcon 10)
Embellisher (Falcon 20 & 50)
Thrust Reverser Door Rods X-ray (Falcon 2000)

Gulfstream Series
24 / 72 Month (NDT / X-Ray Inspection)
Wing Attachment Fittings
4000/5000 Landings

Learjet Series
1200 Hour / 12 Year
Cabin Window
Wing Attach Fittings

Beechjet 400 Series
Horizontal Stabilizer Ribs and Stringers

Citation Series phase 51
X-Ray Horizontal Stabilizer

Westwind Series
4800 Hour
Control Rods (10/15 Year Inspection)

Ultrasonic /Bond testing Inspections

Boeing Series 737
Landing Gear Main Actuator Beam Assembly
AD 99-10-12 SB 737-32A1314
Flap Carriage Assembly
AD2014-05-12 SB 737-57A1277

Boeing Series 757
Crown Skin Panel Inspection
AD2011-01-15 SB 757-53-0097
Inboard Flaps
AD2013-23-16 SB 757-57-0071

Citation Series
Phase 50 - Wing to Fuselage Main Carry Thru Lugs
Horizontal Stablizer De-bond

Jet Star Series
Wing Risers (Phase 1, 2, & 3)

Hawker Series
Horizontal Stab Bond test
SB 208A UT Thickness of Wing Spar SB 211
Lower Main Spar

Falcon Series
MCI Inspections
Tail Attach Fittings
Windshield Posts
Baggage Door

Gulfstream Series
Wing Attachment Fittings
CB 433 Wing Access
BL 0 Ultrasonic
MOI of Engine Cowlings
Engine Cowlings

Eddy Current

Hawker Series
Flap Hinge SB 57-55 & AD 80-12-10
NLG Bridge Castings SB 32-184 & AD 80-12-05
NLG Bay Sidewall SB 53-73
Top Wing Skins SB 57-75

Falcon Series
MCI Inspections
ET Frames 33-40 ET wheel Well
Ceilings ET W/S Frames Complete

Wing Spar Inspection
Proposed AD, ET Wing Spar

Gulfstream Series
18 Month (Fastner & Radius Block Removal Wing Wedge Eddy Current Horizontal Stabilizer Pivot Fittings Fixed Cowl

Citation Series
Phase 49 (Wing and Fuselage Lap Joints)
AFT Pressure Bulkhead
FWD Pressure Bulkhead

Lear Series
Horizontal Stabilizer Hinge
Fitting, Cabin Door Lugs Window Coaming
1200 Hour / 12 Year Inspections

Jet Star Series
Windshield Posts 750 Hr Inspection

Challenger Series
Cabin Windows Eddy Current 53-30-01/08
Lower Fuselage Skin Eddy Current
Eddy Current 53-30-06
Lower Wing Panels ET 57-30-20 (28 panels)

King Air Series
SIRM Wing Spar Inspection
AD 89-25-10