Revised Beech SIRM Requires EDDY Current for Wing SPAR

The newly revised SIRM chapter 57 now requires that the wing attcah fittings require eddy current inspection as opposed to the previous method of compilance using Penetrant.

What this menas is that you do not have to remove the paint and protective coatings to perform the inspection and thus helping to minimize possible damage caused by the cleaning process by the technician. It also means that it should require less time to perform the actual inspection leading to a shorter down time for the aircraft.

Along with this revision in the standard practices portion Chapter 20-00-00 it points out that the personnel required to perform this or other NDT Inspections on the Beechcraft Airplane must be a NAS-410 Level II or NAS-410 Level III certified technican and that technicians should attend Beech’s Wing Spar certification program.

If you do not have a current copy of these revised sections or have questions about these changes please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you in understanding these changes and how it may impact you or the aircraft you operate or maintain.



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  1. Hello:
    Is there an AD for newer model King Air 200’s on the wing spar? Or are the newer models fitted with a beefed up wing spar?

    • No there is not an AD concerning the 200 King Air wing spar. Beech has made 3 different generation wing spars with the later generations or newer models being beefed up. In CH 57 the diffierent sections are divided by model number and serial number with the newer type spar requiring different inspection areas. All of these however do require NDT and are mostly eddy current inspections. The interval, inspection area and type can be found in chart 201 of the appopriate section based on serial number of the aircraft.

      Hope this helps. – also –
      AD 89-25-10 address the wing spar for the 90 and 100 model King Air.

  2. Hi Beau,

    I am looking into the NDT field and was wondering what training you provide and the cost. I don’t have any experience in the field but have about 20 years in aircraft maintenance in the Navy and woking for government contractors.
    Thanks, Jerry

    By the way I live in Northwest Arkansas

    • Hey Jerry,
      I am a Level 3 in Penetrant, Mag Particle, and Eddy Current but have other Level 3’s that can train and certify in Ultra Sonic and X-Ray. Cost depends on method and how involved you need level 3 services to achieve full certification and qualification in a method which requires formal training, experience and written and practical tests.

      Generally most charge flat rate depending on method I charge the following:
      $600.00 per student for Pentrant,
      $800.00 per student for Mag Particlel
      $1,800.00 per Student for Eddy Current, Ultra Sonic, X-Ray

      I have customers in NWA and work with another Level 3 in that area as well. Most people that want to get into NDT start with a basic method Pen or Mag and then add a more advanced method like eddy current or ultra sonic. If you want you can call me and we discuss in more detail what you want to do and what would be best for you and some possible options to get you started on obtaining NDT certification.

      Thanks for you inquiry
      cell 870-270-6007

  3. Can eddy current be carried without removal of wing or advise best fastest method to avoid down time.

    Thank you

    • You can perform eddy current inspection of the wing spar without removing the wing. Most of the inspections called for in the Beechcraft SIRM chapter 57 should take no more than 1 day with at least 1 mechanic to pull the necessary bolts and open up the appropriate areas for inspection and 1 NDT NAS level 2 Technician to perform the NDT inspection. The only reason it should take longer is if you do not have replacement parts if needed or if you find some type of indication that requires Beech engineering to get involved. Finding indications that require Beech Engineering RDO to get involved are not that common. I hope this helps if you need any additional information just let me know.

      NDT Level III

      • Thank you need in writing that wing removal no required will only send the bolts and nuts for MPI which means shims replacement not required in between spars.Please mail referring to any documents SB etc

        • Dear Sir,

          What model and serial number is your aircraft and I will send the portion on SIRM CH 57 that pertains to your aircraft so you will have the requirements in writting.

          The wings do not need to be removed for SIRM inspection. The shims do not need to be replaced. The bolts and nuts require Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection FPI and the attach fittings and other bolt holes required eddy current there is also some visual. All of this depends on make, model, serial number of aircraft as different aircraft have different spars. Beech has 3 different spars that all require different inspections based on type of spar and time of aircraft and or Total Time of Aircraft Air frame TTAF. There is also an AD that applies to King Air 90’s & 100’s AD89-10-25.

          I have attached the AD for your reference along with SIRM 57-13-01 chart 201 rev 2012 which is for King Air 90 serial numbers LW1- LW347 and LJ1 – LJ1089. All of the inspections are similar and this shows that the wings do not need to be removed for inspection. Access panels need to be removed and the bolts and nuts need to be removed. The bolts and nuts can be removed 1 or 2 at a time so that you do not have to remove the wing.

          Please let me know if I can be of any other assistance.


          Ps could not attach to this send to my email and I will send attachments.

          • Chief Dorai,

            I am attaching the Beeccraft SIRM 57-17-01 Chart 201 that applies to your aircraft Super King Air 200 serial number BB452. The 201 chart for this aircraft has 4 indexes for inspection. Index 3 does not apply as the initial inspection is after 20,000 hrs and your aircraft does not have that much time.. All other indexes have passed initial requirement of 5 years and are on a re occurring inspection cycle due every 5 years. Index 1 a visual of the forward wing spar and is due every year. The instruction within this document shows that you remove 1 bolt and nut at a time and perform the inspection of the fitting. It also states that you should mark the fitting to ensure that the wing does not move or become bound during this process.

            I can not attach documents thru this type of email and when I try and send directly to you I get return that says not able to deliver. I am going to attach the document I mentioned above as a pdf file on the cert pages of my web site. Let me know if this works for you. You can also contact Beech for technical support.

            I hope this helps. Let me know If I can be of further assistance.


          • Your Welcome! More than glad to help. I am certified thru Beech but I know I am not close to you. I would check with Beech to see if they know of any technicians that are close to you. If you need anything else let me know.


  4. Super kingair 200 series SIRM Crack Inspection -wing attach fittings.

    May I kindly ask if the inspection referred to in Chart 201 of Ch 57-17-02-201 Index No.12, surface depressions counterbores etc, require eddy current check i.a.w. NAS 410 level of inspection.


  5. What NDT type inspections are required for a King Air 100 Series? I’ve got the MM but simply do not have the time to look up all the AD’s. We have a Citation 550 that we are needing some NDT work on so I figured I’d check to see if the King Air 100 needs some as well.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I want to know the SIRM course, my questions are:
    1) What is SIRM course?
    2) To whom SIRM course is aimed?
    3) Must all B1900D line maintenance engineers attend the SIRM course? If yes, where I find the training provider

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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