NDT Training Course for Magnetic Particle in July

Aircraft Structural Inspection will be offering a summer course on Magnetic Particle Testing.

Summer Course Information for NDT Formal Training for:

Magnetic Particle Training Level II:

20 Hours Classroom training following SNT-TC-1A recommended practice and ASNT Standard Outline for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel.

Course Includes: Text Book, Text Material, Hand outs, Lecture with power point, and practical examples

Course Outline:

Introduction Basic Principals of Magnets and Magnetic Fields
Magnetization by means of electric current
Selection of Proper Method of Magnetization
Inspection Materials
Principals of Demagnetization
Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment
Types of Discontinuities
Magnetic Particle Indications From: Cracks to Porosity
Materials from Forging, Casting, Plate, Welds , & Extrusions
Evaluation Techniques
Inspections Procedures & Standards
Acceptance Criteria
Quality Control of Equipment and Processes


Classroom Meeting Schedule – @ Aircraft Structural Inspections (ASI) Office Mountain View AR

Monday           July 7th            9:00am  –  4:00pm    Lecture @ ASI Mountain View

Monday           July 14th          9:00am  –  4:00pm    Lecture @ ASI Mountain View

Monday           July 21st           9:00am  –  4:00pm    Lecture @ ASI Mountain View

Monday           July 28th           8:00am –   4:00pm    Lab & Exam @ Arkansas Turbines Inc. (Pocahontas )

Course Price:   $800.00 per student includes materials

Testing Price:   $125.00 per student. includes materials

Testing Includes:

Exams – Written General

Written Specific




Any Questions or to register for class please call Beau Hardison 870-270-6007 or email beaundt@gmail.com. Class Size is limited.

PDF  –  File for downloading or printing of  –   NDT MT Training Course

Summer NDT Training MT ASNT info

Revised Beech SIRM Requires EDDY Current for Wing SPAR

The newly revised SIRM chapter 57 now requires that the wing attcah fittings require eddy current inspection as opposed to the previous method of compilance using Penetrant.

What this menas is that you do not have to remove the paint and protective coatings to perform the inspection and thus helping to minimize possible damage caused by the cleaning process by the technician. It also means that it should require less time to perform the actual inspection leading to a shorter down time for the aircraft.

Along with this revision in the standard practices portion Chapter 20-00-00 it points out that the personnel required to perform this or other NDT Inspections on the Beechcraft Airplane must be a NAS-410 Level II or NAS-410 Level III certified technican and that technicians should attend Beech’s Wing Spar certification program.

If you do not have a current copy of these revised sections or have questions about these changes please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you in understanding these changes and how it may impact you or the aircraft you operate or maintain.



Arkansas Ag Aviation Assoc.

Hey looking forward to Arkansas Agricutlure Aviation Association meeting this weekend and seeing our friends and customers.

Just a reminder for those that fly or operate Ag aircraft we do have an approved AMOC for the Thrush Ayers wing spar inspection utilizing eddy current to inspect the bolt holes on the wing spar.

See Ya’ll There!